Sunday, July 10, 2005

Things I learned in Montauk...

I'm fresh home from a wonderful FAB-U-LOUS weekend at "The End." I'm a little tired, so rather than give y'all the full play-by-play, I'll tell you what I learned and the transcript will come later...

1. There's no traffic at 5 am.
2. A two-year old makes the best cabana boy.
3. Fried chicken is good - especially on the beach.
4. Herb's makes the BEST coffee.
5. Manucci-tini's rock!!
6. I CAN tie a cherry stem with my tongue!
7. I like Pinot Noir (especially after 2 martinis)
8. Bachelor pads have broken toilet seats & Penthouse magazine.
9. Irish boys LOVE Lena.
10. Free beer tastes better.
11. Free shots taste better.

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