Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bed Rest Day 33 - Happy Halloween!!

Here's our scary punkin & not-so-scary Virginia Tech punkin Corey carved last night.
The best part? The YUM-O punkin seeds he roasted.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Spooky brownies

Since I've been on bed rest, I've had to modify the way I do some things - including cooking. I've mastered the art of cooking from my desk chair.
So, today I made these spooky brownies for Corey's office. Aren't they cute?

Bed Rest Day 32 - Mmm...cheesesteak.

I feel much better today.
The poop cloud has lifted.
Corey & I start our parenting classes on Wednesday. We joke that they better teach the Lamaze breathing the first night because who knows when I'm going to deliver!
Even though she'd be early, Corey & I are both hoping that our little peanut will make her appearance around Thanksgiving. I think its because we're just both so excited to meet her.
I'm also excited to get her from underneath my ribs.
Last week, her 'thing' was what felt like her stepping on my bladder - to the point that I would, well, pee myself a bit.
Now, she's taken to wedging underneath my right ribs. I don't know if its a foot or a head or what - but its there. It's so uncomfortable! I try laying on my left side to get her to move. I try standing up for a few minutes to get her to drop. I even have tried pushing her down.
I get relief for a few minutes before she finds her way back up there.
Ahh..the joys of pregnancy.
Also, I have a new craving: Philly Cheesesteaks.
Mmm...with onions & provolone (I don't LIKE cheez-whiz).
Corey took me to the diner yesterday to have one & it was yum-o.
I'm tempted to call him & ask him to get me one on the way home.
But I think I can wait until Wednesday. We pass a Quizno's on the way to the hospital....hehehe.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


I've never wanted whipped cream or oysters so bad in my life...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bed Rest Day 28 - Poop

I feel like poop.
Had a really bad night & today hasn't been much better.
Blech.......I have nothing else to say.

Stationary Movies

Movies scenes artfully recreated using office supplies. Can you guess them?
Give it a try HERE.
I got 17/20 which means I either kick ass or I'm a loser & need to get out more.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bed Rest Day 27 - My cervix is hanging in there...

I never, in a million years, thought I'd ever blog about my cervix.

Anyway, I saw the doctor yesterday & my tiny cervix is even smaller now - measuring a measly .94 cm and the funneling has increased to 60%. When this all started, it measured over 2 cm, which apparently is still small and the funneling was described as 'slight' - now it has a percentage.

Good news is I'm not dilated. I still have contractions, but I take my medication & I'm staying off my feet.

Peanut weighs just about 3 lbs according to ultrasound, so she's growing. Which completely amazes me because I haven't gained a pound in the last 4 weeks - I actually lost.

So, anyway, the doctor pretty much said that if I go into labor in the next week or so that they're not going to do anything to stop it. I'm far enough along . Peanut would spend some time in NICU and thats not ideal, but I guess pumping me full of medication & stitching my cervix closed isn't ideal either.

So people, place your bets. Will this little girl be a Thanksgiving Turkey, a Christmas Present or a New Year's baby?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Pregnant Lady PSA

When you are pregnant - especially as far along as I am - do not, I repeat: DO NOT watch Discovery Health Channel. I think I might have blogged about this before, but its serious.
Last night, my loving husband came home from work to find me wrapped in a towel lying on our bed & quiet. Not my normal, bubbly, happy-to-see-you-how-was-your-day self.
The reason?
This evil, EVIL show on Discovery Health called Special Delivery. Which is pretty much all about high-risk pregnancies & deliveries. Not exactly something someone as hormonal as myself should be watching - especially with my situation.
In true Corey fashion, my loving husband cheered me up & I was back to my norm shortly after. Though, I think he might put a parental block on D-HC & not give me the code.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Bed Rest Day 25 - we own baby gear now

Yup. Corey & I are now the proud owners of a stroller/car seat combination thing.
The baby's room is also filling up with little pink outfits, diapers, wipes & other assorted baby necessities.
We also started a registry at Target.
I have an ultrasound & OB appointment tomorrow so I'll post the Cervix Watch 2006 report when I get home.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bed Rest Day 20 - My mind is starting to go...

Okay, note to self:



Now, that I have that clear, maybe tonight I won't try to take the kitchen timer to put on my nightstand instead of my pills. :-P
Let me also share with you the fact that I put I have TWO brothers on a myspace survey. (in case you don't know, I have 3) TY to Bethany for pointing that one out!

I had a really rough day yesterday. It was crappy out - rainy & cold - and it rubbed off on me.
I was especially klutzy & my brain, obviously, took the day off.
But today will be a better day. I did, however, already forget to feed the cats this morning. At least the sun is shining.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bed rest day 19 - I'm still here

Yup. Sitting my ass on my couch.
TRYING to keep myself busy.
Its not easy.
Made these cool pillows, though (sorry the picture is dark):

Think I'll get a head start on my xmas gifts, too.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bed Rest Day 15 - no end in sight

Saw the doctor yesterday & had an ultrasound.
Our little peanut only weighs 2 1/2 pounds!! She's so wee!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bed Rest Day 13 - don't be hatin'

Let me share with you my day:

Woke up.
Ate cookie crisp, checked email & message boards, watched craft shows on DIY.
Made a gift for my mother-in-law.
Watched TV.
Talked to my mom.
Ate Corey's microwave pizza...whoops. :)
Watched TV.
Talked to my mother-in-law.

Exciting right?

Well, I've decided I'm going to make THESE as Christmas gifts. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bed Rest Day 12

I think I may lose my mind.
Corey's mom left today & now I'm all alone.
She was a Godsend.
Take everything bad you've every heard about mother-in-law's and throw it out the window when it comes to her. Even Kelly enjoyed hanging out with her.
But, alas, she had to go back to West Virginia - but not without leaving her pregnant daughter-in-law with a very nice supply of cheez doodles, potato chips, donuts & cheese. Ah yes...I'm fixin' on getting nice & fat here. LOL

Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm officially a Jersey girl!!

Go my NJ driver license today!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Putting my feet up

Doctor's orders -I'm on bed rest for at least the next week.
Seems our little peanut was trying to make their appearance a little earlier than expected.
Premature labor put me in the hospital Thursday night through Saturday.
At least I'm home now. I can't do a blessid thing, but I'm home. Sounds cool, right?
Nope. It's driving me CRAZY and its only Tuesday.
I watch LOTS of Food Network, HGTV & TNT.
Unfortunately, I'm not the type of girl that can sit still for too long.