Monday, October 30, 2006

Bed Rest Day 32 - Mmm...cheesesteak.

I feel much better today.
The poop cloud has lifted.
Corey & I start our parenting classes on Wednesday. We joke that they better teach the Lamaze breathing the first night because who knows when I'm going to deliver!
Even though she'd be early, Corey & I are both hoping that our little peanut will make her appearance around Thanksgiving. I think its because we're just both so excited to meet her.
I'm also excited to get her from underneath my ribs.
Last week, her 'thing' was what felt like her stepping on my bladder - to the point that I would, well, pee myself a bit.
Now, she's taken to wedging underneath my right ribs. I don't know if its a foot or a head or what - but its there. It's so uncomfortable! I try laying on my left side to get her to move. I try standing up for a few minutes to get her to drop. I even have tried pushing her down.
I get relief for a few minutes before she finds her way back up there.
Ahh..the joys of pregnancy.
Also, I have a new craving: Philly Cheesesteaks.
Mmm...with onions & provolone (I don't LIKE cheez-whiz).
Corey took me to the diner yesterday to have one & it was yum-o.
I'm tempted to call him & ask him to get me one on the way home.
But I think I can wait until Wednesday. We pass a Quizno's on the way to the hospital....hehehe.

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