Monday, September 26, 2005

Git out your finger paints!

Think I'll wear this if I'm invited to another Hokie game (in maroon & orange, of course).


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

You put your left arm in...

Quite the weekend at my first Virginia Tech football game - it was unreal. So much more than I expected, actually. Had a great time! Tailgated & just generally hung out the whole weekend. Got to meet a couple of Corey's friends & fellow tailgaters.
Thank you, Corey - I had a great time. (wildcat noise)
And thank you to Dwight & Charity for their hospitality & yummy breakfast.
So...of course, Mesclun was there. Even though he was called a porpoise & a porcupine. Here he is a Lane Stadium - living it up Hokie style:

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Uh-oh spaghetti-o's!

So this was the hell on the TZ bridge yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness we have a radio on at work, otherwise I would've been stuck in this hell for probably 3 hours. Granted, I had to leave work earlier than normal (not so much a problem, I know) and skip dinner because it took me 45 minutes longer to get to Mercy than it normally does. Oh well. Besides, 3 hours of micro had to be better than 3 hours of sitting on the thruway, right?

Monday, September 12, 2005

There's 20 of 'em

Had a great time at the Brooklyn Brewfest on Saturday. Got to try some great local brews & I even ate a hot dog!! YIKES! It was so effing yummy. I even got to become a Beer Goddess - I have the panties to prove it! ;)
Mesclun was there - pics to come soon. By soon I mean as soon as I get my lazy ass to scan them in. Didn't use the digital.
After the Brewfest it was on to Republic for some dinner.
After dinner it was on to The Magnet Theater for some hilarious improv.
After laughing our asses off, it was on to Black Finn for an Avon Breast Cancer Walk Fundraiser.
It was a long, but amazing day. I had a great time.
So now, this weekend I'm off to Blacksburg, Virginia for my very first Hokie game. Yay!! My first football game!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Count down to a new liver


And because its Friday, it means its almost Saturday which means its almost time for the BrewFest at Brooklyn Brewery !!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Feeling scholarly

So my beloved vacay is over and its back to work & school for me.
I was quite busy at work today - full of disability forms & letters waiting for me to fill out & type. It seems I'm only one of two people in the office who understand how to use Microsoft Word.

So after work it was on to school. I had Advanced Human Physiology for Biomedical Sciences. Sounds like fun, huh?
One great thing is I have one of my favorite professors for the class, which just makes it better. So 3 hours flew by - yeah, right.
Tomorrow night I have micro, which should be interesting.

Then its almost the weekend!! YAY!!!!

All in all, Maggie is a happy girl.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday is chooseday

Would you want to:

be able to control the weather OR read people's minds?
Control the weather - I don't think I'd want to know what people thought all the time. Though it could come in handy with guys sometimes. Why is your kind so hard to read?!?!?!

lose ALL your hair OR all your finger and toe nails?
After seeing Stacy's toes I'm going to have to go with the hair thing. Though i had a dream the other night my toenails fell off. Hmmm...wonder what that means?

be allergic to grass OR wheat?
Wheat without question. I love the outdoors too much. But then again...there is wheat in soy sauce so that is tougher than I thought....
No wheat....definitely wheat. Don't use that much soy, anyways. Besides, I don't need the salt. LOL

be forced to wear a clown nose and rubber boots while singing "i'm a little teapot" at superbowl half-time OR have pictures of you in the shower be shown on prime-time television?
The half-time festivities for sure. I'd rather be a ham than have my thighs, which look like hams, shown on national tv. Besides, I'm sure someone out there finds clown noses & rubber boots sexy - though I'm not sure I want to meet such a person.
BTW - I just want to send out congrats to a certain someone on their new 'status' with another certain someone. :) Here's to hoping you find all you're looking for...and more.

Ladies & Gents...Fresh from the Ren Faire...Introducing......

Mesclun the Magic Purple Platypus - Master of the Salad Toss!

I won him Saturday at the Ren Faire playing a game called Salad Toss (I know). The idea was to throw these stuffed tomatoes (yes, with an 'e') thru these cardboard cut outs of Ren inspired characters. I won and was blessed with my new buddy - Mesclun.

So look out for Mesclun - he's my new partner in crime and will accompanying me on my travels about the tri-state area (and beyond).

Coming up on Mesclun's calendar of events: the Brooklyn Brewfest, my first football game at Virginia Tech, & my bro's in North Carolina.

But for now - here are some things I learned at the Ren Faire this year:

1. Yards were shorter in midieval times.
2. Somebody likes chainmail...
3. Crushed velvet purple pants are hot
4. I throw like a girl
5. People still play Dungeons & Dragons (or at least want to)
6. Everything is better with powdered sugar.
7. How to speak like a West Virginian - its 'baw-tle' not 'boat-tle'

Oh and I forgot to mention.

I FINALLY got to see Team America: World Police & Old School. Both very, very funny. Me likey.
Two more to check off my list...
Still haven't see the Godfather, though. LOL

So is my last day of vacay. :( Back to the grind tomorrow. Work and then class starts. yay.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anatomically correct rap

Just remembered something funny from Tuesday night.

Driving home with Elena and listening to the YingYang Twins song "Badd" on the radio (I know I don't like rap, but it has a killer beat). The conversation went like this:

Me: Did he just say vagina?
Elena: Yup
Me: hmm..
Elena: licking a vagina, I believe.
Me: interesting... it was funny to me.

Its in the stars

Here is my September horoscope from Glamour (my bible):

The past comes back to haunt - or more tlikely help - you this month. (oh great!)
An ex may plead for another chance; (too little, too late)
an old friend could finally explain why she dropped out of site. (again...too little, too late)
And, single Lionesses, remember that guy you dated who was perfect but told you the "timing was off"? Well, not it's on. Ring him up! ( thanks, I'm all set and for a third time: too little, too late.)

Also - welcome my two nieces Bec & Kay to my blog world.
See links to their MySpace profiles on the right.