Monday, September 12, 2005

There's 20 of 'em

Had a great time at the Brooklyn Brewfest on Saturday. Got to try some great local brews & I even ate a hot dog!! YIKES! It was so effing yummy. I even got to become a Beer Goddess - I have the panties to prove it! ;)
Mesclun was there - pics to come soon. By soon I mean as soon as I get my lazy ass to scan them in. Didn't use the digital.
After the Brewfest it was on to Republic for some dinner.
After dinner it was on to The Magnet Theater for some hilarious improv.
After laughing our asses off, it was on to Black Finn for an Avon Breast Cancer Walk Fundraiser.
It was a long, but amazing day. I had a great time.
So now, this weekend I'm off to Blacksburg, Virginia for my very first Hokie game. Yay!! My first football game!!

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