Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ladies & Gents...Fresh from the Ren Faire...Introducing......

Mesclun the Magic Purple Platypus - Master of the Salad Toss!

I won him Saturday at the Ren Faire playing a game called Salad Toss (I know). The idea was to throw these stuffed tomatoes (yes, with an 'e') thru these cardboard cut outs of Ren inspired characters. I won and was blessed with my new buddy - Mesclun.

So look out for Mesclun - he's my new partner in crime and will accompanying me on my travels about the tri-state area (and beyond).

Coming up on Mesclun's calendar of events: the Brooklyn Brewfest, my first football game at Virginia Tech, & my bro's in North Carolina.

But for now - here are some things I learned at the Ren Faire this year:

1. Yards were shorter in midieval times.
2. Somebody likes chainmail...
3. Crushed velvet purple pants are hot
4. I throw like a girl
5. People still play Dungeons & Dragons (or at least want to)
6. Everything is better with powdered sugar.
7. How to speak like a West Virginian - its 'baw-tle' not 'boat-tle'

Oh and I forgot to mention.

I FINALLY got to see Team America: World Police & Old School. Both very, very funny. Me likey.
Two more to check off my list...
Still haven't see the Godfather, though. LOL

So anyways...today is my last day of vacay. :( Back to the grind tomorrow. Work and then class starts. yay.


cdh said...
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cdh said...

ok, so i was thinking MESCALINE (the psychotropic drug), not MESCLUN (the mix of leafy greens). which, as master of the salad toss, makes WAY more sense.

Maggie said...

Though he could always be:

Mescaline - The Platypus Prince of Peyote