Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bed Rest Day 27 - My cervix is hanging in there...

I never, in a million years, thought I'd ever blog about my cervix.

Anyway, I saw the doctor yesterday & my tiny cervix is even smaller now - measuring a measly .94 cm and the funneling has increased to 60%. When this all started, it measured over 2 cm, which apparently is still small and the funneling was described as 'slight' - now it has a percentage.

Good news is I'm not dilated. I still have contractions, but I take my medication & I'm staying off my feet.

Peanut weighs just about 3 lbs according to ultrasound, so she's growing. Which completely amazes me because I haven't gained a pound in the last 4 weeks - I actually lost.

So, anyway, the doctor pretty much said that if I go into labor in the next week or so that they're not going to do anything to stop it. I'm far enough along . Peanut would spend some time in NICU and thats not ideal, but I guess pumping me full of medication & stitching my cervix closed isn't ideal either.

So people, place your bets. Will this little girl be a Thanksgiving Turkey, a Christmas Present or a New Year's baby?

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