Sunday, February 26, 2006

Your Mom's Box

If I see or hear that phrase one more time I swear I'm going to lose it.
I'm sick & tired of Opie & Anthony poisoning the minds of my male friends.
EVERY single time I read one friend's email or post there it leasts once: Your Mom's Box.
Not only that, but I'm sick at the crude humor and sexual innuendo he insists on putting into every writing. Pussy, dick, tit, fuck....its least once or twice. Can't you write a message WITHOUT those terms? Do you think it increases your cool-ness factor? It does not. It makes you look like a douche bag. And to think, he asks me if I have any single friends? Get over yourself. I would never subject any of my friends to that behavior. O&A make men aggressive & give them God complexes.
Sure I've chuckled at a skit or stunt a time or two (back when they were on normal radio) but I've also almost vomited at the crap they insist on talking about. I don't care how many women Jim Norton's gotten to piss on him. I don't care to hear about sniffing someone else's belly button cheese and I don't care to listen to one more stupid women call in and discuss their breast size and whether or not the curtains match the carpet.
So I did the smart thing - I don't have XM radio. Besides, paying for radio seems just plain silly to me (but thats another rant for another time).


The Sonic Death Monkey said...

So does this mean you don't have any single friends?

The Sonic Death Monkey said...

So does this mean you don't have any single friends? Cause that's all I got out of that pseudo rant...

Yeah, and I hate O&A too, it kinda puts me to sleep.

Tim said...

O & A used to work here for the mid state (Worcester, MA) WAAF radio station.
On April fools day, they did a skit that the Mayor of Boston was killed in an auto accident while in vacation in FLA and that he had an unidentified young female with him.
It was a joke.
They were soon fired.