Friday, July 28, 2006

Third times a charm I took my wedding dress back for a second time & got a THIRD dress.
This time WASN'T my fault, though. It was little Baby Hall's.
Seems I've grown a bit more than I expected & my dress didn't fit around the belly anymore.
Back to David's Bridal we went, my mom & I, and found a most beautiful dress. I cannot elaborate on it, for obvious reasons.
Then it was off to Destination Maternity where I found ANOTHER dress that I love to wear for the rehearsal dinner & West Virginia reception.
The gods were with me tonight.
Good thing, too, as my day didn't start off that great.
Took my hubby-to-be to the airport this morning. He left for Alaska to go fishing. He'll be back next Sunday. No more about that. I'm hormonal, remember?
Well, my week will be packed with wedding preparations & my mom has promised to keep me busy. It'll be next Sunday before I know it.

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