Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One thing I love about living here is the fact that we have a neighborhood. We have neighbors we know and see on an *almost* daily basis. We talk to them, play with their kids and pet their dogs.
This week is the annual Wilson Lion's Club Community Fair. It's at our local park - which is within walking distance from our house (BONUS!). It's your usual small carni - food, rickety rides and obnoxious people yelling at you to "TAKE A SHOT!! WIN HER A BEAR!!!"
We went last year, but Syd was just too little to really enjoy it. This year was a whole different story.
We walked over on Monday night and Sydney was just wide-eyed at all the lights and people and loud music. We had a cheesesteak. Yum. There's just something about a cheesesteak from a carni-vendor. Especially a Pennsylvanian Carni Vendor. It was truly soggy, cheesey piece of deliciousness.
After our clogging our arteries, Corey & I took Syd on the Merry-Go-Round. I went with her first. I sat her on the pony and she instantly grabbed onto the pole. It was like she had done this before. The ride started and Sydney just ate it up. The combination of the fair sights/smells/sounds, the carousel going around, the horse up and down and the wind in her face - she was shaking with excitement. I'd say "Weeeee!" and she'd laugh out loud - one of those good deep baby belly laughs that just melts your heart.
Corey took her next and I was glad he got to experience her glee first hand.

On a less happy note, yesterday was not a good day. I made Sydney an appointment with an allergist - "the best on the east-coast" they say. It was for yesterday at 10 am.
So, I took a vacation day from work, filled out the 10 sheets of paperwork, loaded up all her asthma medicines and drove Miss Nee 30 minutes to this doctor.
I go to check in and the receptionist informs me that my appointment has been canceled because "the doctor isn't in today."
What? What do you mean is isn't in???? I had a 10 o'clock appointment!!!
They explain to me that they called me and left me a message at home and at work - at 8 o'clock that morning.
They have a $100 no-show fee if you don't cancel within 24-hours. I asked the receptionist when I can expect my $100 since they didn't give ME 24-hours notice and I had to take a vacation day from work AND drive all the way there.
She just glared at me.
So, when can I schedule another appointment
I left there in tears and promptly made an appointment with a different doctor.

So, here I had a day with Miss Nee all to myself so I took her to the office for a few hours and then home to make red-velvet cake balls and sugar cookies.

Thanks to Dawn, I found a new way to make the cake balls and they came out great.

Then I experimented with rolled fondant as a way to cover my sugar cookies. A little time consuming but they look so nice and professional. I think this might be the ticket.

Okay - I'm gonna go cram one of those cookies in my mouth now.


kinderkelly95 said...

Are you kidding me? The doctor wasn't in. That is sooo ridiculous! I'm sorry! :o(

Sydney looks so cute on the merry-go-round.

Dawn said...

Seriously, that sucks about the allergist and sucks even more that you have to wait 3 months for another appointment!!!!! GRRRRRR!

Let's see your cake balls! And share your sugar cookie recipe! I have a few that I try and am always trying new ones. Did you see the peanut butter cup chocolate cake over at Bakeralla??????? I soooooo want to make that one.