Monday, January 09, 2006

Brought to you my the hormone ESTROGEN

Okay, so I'm feeling funky.
Can't help it.
I feel like I want to find a hole, crawl in it and sleep for the next week.
Its just par for the course with me. Every couple of months I go through this: Everyone is mad at me, nobody likes me, my world is ending kinda feeling.
I had a great weekend with Corey, but now I feel like crap. It started last night, unfortunately in front of Corey. I never wanted him to see that side of me & I'm sorry that he did. He did his best to make me smile & it worked (which is more than I can say for some, they just never cease to piss me off).
There's just lots of stuff going on right now not to mention the stuff that SHOULD be going on thats not. My physiology professor STILL hasn't posted my grade, my FAFSA isn't done, I'm dreading the upcoming semester, someone is talking shit about me on myspace (SO not worth the trouble) AND to top it all of my allergies are bothering the shit out of me. WTF. I just want people to leave me alone for, at very least, the next three days.
I need some mental health time, but unfortunately thats not an option.
I have much to look forward to, too. Good things coming up.
Just allow me these moments of funk.
It'll be over soon.

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Kelly said...

Don't let him get to you. He knows he can, and that's why he says these things. We need to make you a Dixie Chicks shirt like Natalie wore at the CMA's...FUTK...but your new motto will be...FUTM, You have found someone who treats you like gold and you deserve there!