Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Alkanes & ketones & halides....OH MY!

Spent the last 48 hours cramming for my organic chemistry test tomorrow. Oy.

Would ya like a weekend recap?? Here ya go:

I'll start with Thursday: booked outta work as fast as I could to go meet up with Treble. Sorry I was calling/texting the wrong Rob all day!! OMG.
Head into the city to pregame @ the Molly Wee before Corey's show. Show was FABULOUS. Afterwards head BACK to the Molly Wee for some post-game/pre-St. Pat's drinks. Got my fair share of pinches after midnite for not wearing green...bad Irish girl. :-P Y'all know I didn't just to get the pinches, right? Ha!

Friday had dinner with Mom & Corey. Corned beef @ MBG is always a good way to start St. Patty's day.
After a short nappy at my house, Corey and I called a cab (which took FOREVER) & headed to PR to meet up with Bethany & P&C (we'll use Beth's nickname). Shots & beer were flowing in true St. Patty's day style. AWESOME time had by all!!

Saturday hung out at Kelly's and just relaxed. Much needed R&R.

Sunday, Corey & I took a drive to see one of his job sites. It was pretty neat to actually SEE what he does IRL.

We watched some b-ball at my place and I hit the books after he left. I haven't stopped since. Ugh.. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over. I want to get this test over & done with. Unfortunately, I can't forget it once I'm done. Effing cumulative final.

My back hurts, my head hurts. I'm going to bed.

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