Monday, March 13, 2006

I'll have to buy my oreos on the black market now

Interesting article in last week's New York Magazine:

Stop & Shop launched a program called SmartMouth that used their loyalty cards to create nutritional profiles for their patrons. The problem? They were in contract talks with a few HMO's to make use of the data the collected. So the person who has a penchant for salt & vinegar potato chips (me) and heavy cream may pay a higher premium than the chick online if front of them buying the soy milk & organic broccoli. All just because they swiped their card to get a lousy 50 cents off! They discontinued the program shortly after its inception.

Whats next? My car insurance premium is going to go up cause my EZPass tells Allstate I drive over the TZ twice a week and the GW at least once?

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cdh said...

you're now properly linkeded