Monday, February 12, 2007


Sydney's first trip to West Virginia is this weekend. We leave on Friday.
Of course, I decided that our little needed something cute to wear for when she meets the rest of her family. So last night I headed over to Gymboree.
When I got there, a very polite sales girl asked me if I was looking for anything in particular - I told her "Yes. Preemie sizes." She said: "Sure - I was just helping them (pointing to two 10-year-old girls) find preemie sizes, too."
I didn't think anything of it & picked out a cute outfit.
I tell the sales woman that I'm impressed at the preemie selection they had - much more than what I've seen in the past or in other stores. She goes on to tell me that they tend to sell out quickly because little girls buy them FOR THEIR DOLLS.
WTF? THAT'S the reason I can dress my daughter? Because some kid needs Gymboree clothes for her friggin' Baby Alive?
I was PISSED and voiced my opinion loud enough so the little girls & their mom could hear me.
So, in my rage, I posted about this on the NSBR board at Two Peas. I had a few Peas actually offer to mail me preemie clothes are to check their local Gymboree for preemie sizes. Peas look out for Peas. Thanks ladies!

Anger aside, I decided that I think I'll get THIS for Corey for Valentine's day. Perfect, huh?

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