Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

and what a Valentine's Day it is.

This is the view from my balcony:

Yay! Freezing rain!! No signs of it stopping either:

So, I'm stuck inside. Not that staying in is any different from my usual day lately.

Figured I'd TRY and scrapbook a little (as long as bebeh cooperates). It seems like a good scrapbookin' day. Plus, my mind is swimming with ideas.

Of course, I had to dress Syd in her special 1st Valentine's Day outfit from her Aunt Kelly:

She looks much happier there than when I dressed her as a love bug for our Valentine e-card:


I have a fabulous (I hope) menu planned for tonight's dinner: bleu cheese crusted filet mignon, spinach, mashed potatoes & chocolate fondue for dessert.

So, inspired by THIS BLOG I decided to make a special (small) Valentine's list of things I love today:


*frosted sugar cookies
*when my mind is swimming with ideas I can't wait to get started
*when Corey does the 6 am feeding
*THIS POST & how so much has changed in 2 years (I hope).

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

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