Friday, February 15, 2008

Looking forward....

Sydney gets tubes put in her ears on February 25th. She had her hearing tested again and there is so much fluid in her ears, the ear drum hardly vibrates. So, tubes it is.
I'm secretly holding out hope that this will be her miracle cure. That after she gets the tubes she'll start talking and walking and doing all that other good stuff.
She's doing much better, though. This seems to be the way she is. She'll go for what seems like forever without making an progress and then WHAM! She does 3 or 4 new things in a few days time.
Syd started a new day care, too. As much as we loved her old center, the cost was just getting a little high for us and I needed to look elsewhere. I found a great center and it just so happens that one of the gals from my Women's Club takes her little guy there, too.
It's been a relaxing week at work. Doc is out of the office all week, so it's just me and J holding down the fort. Good thing, too, since it snowed on Tuesday/Wednesday. I was able to bring Nee in the office on Wednesday to hang out with us so I didn't have to schlep her to daycare in the bad weather.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I made my Valentine a yummy dinner of shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, spinach gratin, gorgonzola mashed potatoes and chocolate fondue. Hope he's not limping at work today with the gout. Miss Nee came home from daycare with a Valentine for Mommy and Daddy and a report that she L-O-V-E-S Jell-o. I'll have to make sure and get some this weekend when I go shopping.
I think that's it. I have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. I'm keeping myself pretty busy.
I've got:
*brunch at our place on the 24th for some of Corey's friends
*our unofficial "Oscars Party" that night. (really just my mom and I lazing on teh couch staring at the TV for 6 hours!!)
*Sydney's tubes
*our fabulous 80's party on the 8th.

....again....much to look forward to.


Dawn said...

glad to hear she is progressing! Been through 5 ear tube surgeries with the boys combined. If you have any questions, please ask! Do be prepared that with all the fluid she most likely CANNOT hear well, like she is under water. Once the fluid is removed and the tubes placed the world of hearing will be a different place. It might freak her out a bit too for a day or so, did for Noah, so just be prepared. Having all the fluid at a yound age did affect Noah's hearing, some sounds he pronounces incorrectly just cause he could never hear them the right way WHEN his brain was learning them! he is in kindergarten and gets speech once a week and is doing just fine! The last of his tubes was actually removed at the pediatrician yesterday cause it was out in the canal! good luck! It's a quick surgery and she will be done in no time!

Dawn said...

was thinking of you today, hope all went well, I am sure it did!