Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dealing with Sydney's developmental delays is weighing heavy on my shoulders lately. More than normal.
I don't know why.
Maybe it's that all the babies her age in day care are "graduating" from the infant room. Maybe it's that the babies 5+ months younger than her are practically crawling already.

Maybe it's that I'm comparing her to all them.

I have to try and concentrate on the things she IS doing:
*she started saying da-da-da-da last week
*she claps her hands
*she's trying awful hard to pull herself up to stand

In addition to her occupational therapy with B every Monday, Miss Nee started working with a speech therapist last week, too. J is so sweet and Syd seems to love her. J wants to see her use her tongue more. Whatever magic J carries with her seems to work. Syd started saying da-da-da-da and pushing her food out of her mouth (yay.) shortly after our first session.

There are some days where I think all this Early Intervention is doing wonders! Then there are the days when I feel like Sydney is never going to catch up.

We've been doing everything they ask us to. I told B, her OT, that if they told us that we had to stand on our head for an hour a day to help Syd - we would. When B goes out on maternity leave in March (if she makes it til then!!) we're going to have visits with a physical therapist. I just don't understand why Syd won't get moving!! She seems to have backwards down really good. It just breaks my heart when I see her get frustrated becuase she can't seem to get moving forward.

At the recommendation of J, the speech therapist (who is also prego and due the day before B), we're having Nee's hearing tested again next week. She had mentioned something about Syd possibly having trouble hearing certain frequencies of sound.

So, for now, I sit and and wait and worry and pray.


Dawn said...

I do not know the extreme of Syd's delays, feel free to shoot me an email, but Gavin was in EI and it did wonders for him. He was speech delayed, that started the whole ball rolling which led us to find that he has Sensory Processing Disorder. He went through PT, OT, speech therapy and we tried behavioral therapy but I hated the 3 therapists and gave up on it after the third one stunk! He is now 3.5 and talks in circles, his motor skills are still delayed a bit but they feel he is doing EXCELLENT!

Seriously, feel free to email me to chat!

kinderkelly95 said...

You are so wonderful, and you are doing everything you need to. I can't begin to tell you the difference early intervention makes for little ones. You have Sydney's best interests at heart and are doing everything you can. Hang in there...and read "Leo the Late Bloomer." Corey must be so happy she is saying "dada."

Karen said...

It's so easy to get bogged down with what our kids can't do, isn't it? I find myself comparing my daughter to others her age, and even comparing her to my other two children. I finally forced myself to realize she is going to develop at her own pace, and I need to give her the tools to reach those milestones.

((hugs)) You're doing what you can, and that's great!