Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Good news, good news. Since Sydney's occupational therapist is out on maternity leave now, Early Intervention had to find us a new therapist - at least until June. The new therapist, a physical therapist, started seeing Syd at her daycare last Monday.
When I picked her up, there was a note asking me about Sydney's movements, etc. The usual therapy questions we've been answering for months now. I wrote the therapist a detailed note explaining everything. What she does, doesn't do, our goals, what motivates her, etc. I tried to cram every detail about her onto a sheet of steno paper.
When I picked up Syd yesterday, there was another note from her therapist. It was so encouraging.
She said Sydney is exhibiting the signs of early creeping/crawling and transitions well from sitting to all fours and back again. We knew this, but it was nice to have someone else tell us how good it is.
The best part of the note? The therapist asked if we were using signs with Sydney because she seems to know some and used them during her therapy session!!
Why, yes!! YES WE DO SIGN WITH HER!! YAY!!! It's working!!!!
We sign "more," "all done," "again," "eat," and "milk." While she isn't a master of ASL, I know when she's trying to do the sign and what she's trying to communicate. I can't tell you how good it made me feel that someone else was able to recognize the signing. Score for momma-cat!!
I brought her home and gave her tons of hugs & kisses.
With the new therapy being at the daycare, I've had to adjust to a new schedule, too. She needs to be at the daycare before 8:20 am. I'm so afraid of being late, I'm getting up extra early and finding that I get a good deal done during that time. I'm not rushed and when I come home at night, I don't have TOO much to do.
She's doing so good since getting the tubes placed. She talks more and more everyday - mama, dada, buh-buh (bubbles). Unfortunately, she's also developed this scream. It's not a bad scream, just a "Hey-pay-attention-to-me-scream." Sometimes it's not so bad. Sometimes it leaves a ringing in my ear its so loud and high pitched.
Along with the screaming, the separation anxiety has gotten worse and I or Corey can hardly leave the room without her shrieking.
It's so funny to see her go through moods, too.
The other night, all she wanted was her Daddy. She wouldn't come to me at all. I would put my hands out to her and she'd latch onto Corey's shirt for dear life. Last night, all she wanted to do was lay in my arms. I'd put her down and her arms would go up for me. Since that's a fairly new trick, too, I can't resist it and instantly pick her up. I'm sure I'll kick myself for this later. There's just something about her laying her little head on my shoulder.
So, onward into spring we go. St. Patty's day is next week and I'll be busy this week making Guinness ice cream and Irish Soda Bread for our trek to Albany this weekend. Easter is the following week and Mom's birthday & Shel's party the week after that. There's not peaceful weekends in my immediate future. Secretly, I don't mind so much. :)

I'll close with a happy picture of Sydney a few days after having the tubes placed.

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squillen said...

That is GREAT news, Maggie! How awesome that she's taking to signing. I don't know how you keep your chin up having to find a new therapist for Sydney while yours is gone.. I would have broke down and cried for sure.

You've been tagged! Check my blog for details. ;)