Monday, August 25, 2008

lalalala, lalalala, Sydney's world....

Lots happening. Lots going on. July & August were super busy and September and October are filling up quick.

A week in Myrtle Beach was relaxing and some much needed respite for Corey, Sydney & I. Now that Labor Day is a week away, I'm getting nervous as fall is usually the busiest time of year.

New & exciting things in Sydney's world:

She's standing unassisted...finally! It's quite adorable, actually. She stands there and just stares like she doesn't know what to do next.

She started using a fork & spoon. Not very effeciently, but she's using it.

She plays music on her caterpillar xylophone. To everyone else, it's noise. To me, it's a beautiful melody.

She LOVES books. It's fun to watch her crawl over to the bookcase, pick out a book and hand it to Corey or I. She then stands up at our laps with her arms in the air to pick her up and read to her. When one book is done, we put her down and the cylce starts all over again. Yesterday I must've read "Panda Bear, Panda Bear" 12 times. (making a mental note to bring more books downstairs)

I love (sometimes) the little personality she's developing. I love that she (sometimes) listens to direction and (sometimes) actually understands me! She's testing her boundaries and it makes us laugh everyday.

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