Tuesday, October 07, 2008

September flew by and I feel like October's going just as quick.

I took Sydney to the orthopedist last month to have her ankles looked at. They turn in when she stands almost to the point where the soles of her feet are parallel with the rest of her body. It looks as painful as it sounds. So, at her physical therapists advice, I took her to an orthopedist to get a prescription for SMO braces - small braces that fit just over her ankles and will help her stability.

2 orthopedists later (long story), Miss Nee is finally getting fitted TONIGHT for AFO's - larger braces that go all the way up to her knees. This, however, is just a small blip in everything that's going on with her right now.

In addition to the orthopedist and the orthotist (the professional that fits her braces), Corey & I are taking Sydney to Philadelphia on Thursday to see a neurologist. This was suggested by both orthopedists because they both feel Sydney's leg weakness is neurological - possibly Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida - which may also be to blame for her other delays (speech, fine motor).

On a positive note, we had our yearly evaluation with Early Intervention and Sydney did very well. She is, of course, way behind in her gross motor skills, rating at 10-months old. This is mainly because she is 22-months old and not walking. Her fine motor and speech skills rate at a 16-month old. While that is still delayed it is good that she seems to be progressing globally. The really good news is that cognitively and socially she rates right on target.

Some more positive thoughts......

Sydney is starting to express herself verbally more & more. Her wee vocabulary is growing in leaps & bounds. Right now we say "nana" for banana, "momma" (my personal favorite), something that sounds like "Elmo" and apparently "purple" according to the daycare.

Her ASL vocabulary is even better. She signs more, milk, please, thank you, cow, fish, eat and dog. We're working on cat, pig and cheese now. I love the looks we get when we're out in public and people see her signing to me. I had a woman in Target stop me one day and ask me how I taught her to do that.

Elena's wedding is in under 3 weeks and we're getting excited! My dress fits perfectly - aside from having to take in the straps a bit due to my lack of breasts LOL . Sydney's dress is gorgeous and I just got her black patent leather mary janes, too. I'm really looking forward to it - it's going to be a great party!

I think that's all for now. I have some great fall photos I'll have to post. We took Sydney to the Pocono Pumpkin Festival last weekend and I got some cute pics of Corey & her at the petting zoo. She also got to meet Tyrone from the Backyardigans at the Crayola Factory and I have a HYSTERICAL picture of that.

Soon, I promise. Soon.

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Qwendykay said...

Man oh Man... what a patient and awesome mom you are.

My little girl...had some delays and you know, and she had the same level of speech. Just prior to her fourth birthday he speech exploded. So exciting, and I'm hoping that good things happen for you and your daughter