Friday, December 16, 2005

Finally feeling Christmas-y

Only 9 shopping days left, and I'm finally getting into the Christmas spirit. I thought my trip into NYC with Corey to see Santa & the tree did it, but I quickly fell out of it. Maybe it was the stress of classes & work. Now, my apartment is decorated, my candies made and 90% of my presents are wrapped. I finally feel like its Christmas time! Yay!!
However, I still have to deal with the stress of school for at least another week. :( Finals start on Monday. Something about complement proteins and microbial diseases that really puts a damper on my Christmas cheer.
I'm just looking forward to the end of this semester and the month off that follows. Free time? Whats that? I haven't had any of that in a LONG time and I can't wait.
So, now, when someone says: "Hey Mags! Wanna get dinner on *insert random weekday here*?" I can say: "ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY!!" least for a month.
Also means hours will be kicked up a notch at work which means that the cash flow will be slightly better. Just too bad that couldn't happen BEFORE the holidays, huh? But atleast that'll give me more time during the day to do what I have to so I'm not scrambling to get it all done by 4:30.
Looking forward to the weekend, too. Crop tonight with Kelly, Christmas party in Brooklyn on Saturday with Corey as well as our Christmas present exchange. I hope he likes what I got him. :)
My office holiday party is also next week. Bringing Corey as my date (of course). Can't wait for the girls to meet him. I know they'll love him.


Ordinary Joe said...

Hey, with *Free* Time, may be we could round up some of the MetroBloggers, like Bethany for a sort of HoliBlog Party.

Just a thought.

Kelly said...

Hey Maggie....wanna go to dinner on Monday?I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.