Thursday, December 07, 2006

29 Days to Go - The Count Down Begins!

Rather than depressing myself with tracking how many days I've been out of work, I've decided to switch to a count down of how many days I have left until my due date.
29 days - gulp.
I've been having really vivid dreams about the baby - its kind of neat. Last night I was bathing her & feeding her. Probably because of what we discussed in Lamaze last night.
We 'graduated' our parenting class last night & Corey took me out for yummy Thai food in Denville to celebrate.
I've also started a little online pool for our family & friends to take guesses as to when our little one will be born & what her weight/length will be.

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kinderkelly95 said...

I've heard that really vivid dreams are a sign that labor is just around the corner! Hee hee!!!! :o) (PS- My friend Alisa had her baby today, it's a girl. Abby)