Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ghost pun'kins

While in Cooperstown this weekend, Corey & I stumbled across some interesting albino squash:
We were quite intrigued by these pasty pun'kins. They were NOT painted. Their rind was white. Hmmmm.... What an interesting jack-o-lantern these pun'kins would make!
Then, this morning, Corey sends me this link to an article on CNN:

Ghost Pun'kins

It seems these devlish fruits (yus, indeed they are fruits) are quite popular and chic. En vogue, even.

So this weekend, I'm on the hunt for achromatic pun'kins. Because, as we all know, if there is anything Maggie strives to be, its en vogue.

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Maggie's bitch said...

Maggie, you know you're ALWAYS en vogue.