Sunday, October 09, 2005

Thought I had a rage brewing....

Hung out most of yesterday with Kelly. It was much fun. Found out I think Alison Krauss eats thru my soul. I honestly don't remember saying that. What a see-you-next-tuesday I was!!
Went out after leaving Kelly's Elena, Bobbi-Jo & Brian to celebrate Bobbi's birthday. Went to our usual haunt, Bleacher's, and basically just hung out and danced to our usual jukebox tunes. Anyways....when I got home I was lying in bed thinking of all these things that were stewing in my neocortex (gimme a break - I had a neuro test last week). As I stared at my blank ceiling, I started to write my blog entry in my head. Okay...normally a good idea. Actually something I do quite often. Only one problem - I forgot the WHOLE thing. Don't even have the SLIGHTEST idea what I was SO pissed about. Sigh....blame it on Amstel & Johnny Walsh.
One good thing did happen last night. Not saying the whole night was a bust, cuz it wasn't, but this one good thing was FABULOUS. Johhny Walsh has agreed to have Elena & I as guest bartenders for a night and all proceeds to go to the American Cancer Society. AWESOME. KICK ASS. Now, we just have to pick a date.
So, Monday is the U2 concert. I THINK I'm prepared to have my arm ripped off by Elena as she screams and jumps and cries when her future fake hubby comes on stage. LOL Pregaming at Molly Wee's and postgaming in Rockland somewhere - cuz face it, its cheaper.
Tuesday is loser day for me. :( I took the day off to recover from Monday.
Wednesday is Corey's second show at the Magnet. Kelly & Ryan are coming with. Thats a good thing.
So, since I forgot what on EARTH I was so angry about, I shall end this pointless rambling.
But, I do have to say this:
You should have to take a breathilizer before you can text message. I'm sorry if I bombarded you with senseless ramblings of me getting my ass kicked at Big Buck Hunter 2 and listening to Toby Keith & whatnot.
Oh yeah...and this: For the first time EVER in my life - I went over my minutes on my cell phone! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!?!? When I brought this up to my darling mother she politely told me that it is because the thing is permenantly attached to my ear and has been for quite a while now. Hmmm...interesting. Thinking I really need to reconsider that

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