Tuesday, October 11, 2005

TG for personal days

Wow....thats all I have to say about U2. Wow.
What an unbelievable concert. It was AMAZING.
I have to admit, I started out not as jazzed as I should've been to go to see them. I was tired and I've been eating hershey kisses & peanut butter the last few days, so I've been kinda bitchy. To compound my frustrations, I hit massive traffic delays. The thruways is NEVER backed up Westchester bound at 5 on a Monday. Where were you people going??!?!
When I got into the city, though, my attitude changed.
Met the girls - Elena, Kat & Marty - at Molly Wee's (thinking this may be my and Elena's newest favorite place). They had already started pregaming without me. Effing traffic. So I had lots to catch up on. I did get an inflatable mini hockey stick, though! Sweet! I decided it was my cell phone and after some beers & a yummy shot (made up on the spot special for us) I decided to USE my hockey stick as a cell phone and call Bono for Elena. It was a wierd situation......sigh.
So, after Wee's, we hauled ass to MSG and drank some more beers and ate some salty ass popcorn.
Keane went on promptly at 8 and were actually pretty good. Elena & I really weren't that interested and were more into talking on our cell phones and trying to find Kat & Marty on the other side of the arena. Waving of my 'cell phone' helped. LOL
After Keane and a bizillion trips to pee, U2 finally came on. They opened with Vertigo and it was amazing. I knew the second I heard the music start and heard Bono start the countdown I was in for a great show. I was right. The energy in MSG was insane.
One really cool thing they did was ask everyone to show their cell phones and it made the arena look like it was filled with stars - it was actually beautiful.
We met up with Kat & Marty outside Nathan's and after a short discussion of the show and some minor bitching about our feet, we headed back to my car.
While we're walking, I see a limo driver standing next to his car with a sign "Kristen Seyfried." I say to the driver, kidding around of course, "I wish I was Kristen!!" The driver looked at me, blatantly eye fucked me and said: "So do I!" GASP!! Thats SO not what I meant buddy!! I felt violated. ROFL
So we got back to the car, paid a FORTUNE to park and headed back to Rockland.
Every bar in Rockland apparantly closes early on Monday nights so we headed home. :( no postgame for us.
So, in short (I know, too late) it was a great night!!
Now, I just wish it was Friday.............sigh. I'll settle for wednesday, though. ;-)

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