Friday, June 09, 2006

None the wiser...

Had my second wisdom tooth pulled yesterday.
It was hell. H-E-L-L
I had a nasty cavity in the tooth that was bothering me last weekend so I called my oral surgeon of choice on Monday and made an appointment to have it yanked.
Fine. I've had a tooth pulled before - no big deal, right? forget: I'm pregnant. That means: NOVOCAINE ONLY. No nitrous, no anesthesia, no valium, no xanax. NOTHING.
Picture this: poor old Maggie Sue, who hates the dentist more than ANYTHING, sitting in the chair with a 170 lb man practically kneeling on me yanking at my tooth with pliers bigger than my head. Of course - this particular tooth had an exceptionally deep root so it took some effort. I don't know what was worse: the pressure, the noise of my tooth cracking or smelling the bone as he smoothed out my mandible.
Now, I'm in pain. Can't take any GOOD pain meds cause of p'nut - just extra strength tylenol.
PLUS, I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Trial wedding-hair today, Kelly's birthday dinner tonight, house hunting tomorrow morning, packing, meet with the organist in the afternoon and then a three hour drive to a brew-fest. Maybe it'll keep my mind off my boo-boo.

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I sorry...:o(