Friday, June 02, 2006

Queen of Indecisiveness

That's me!
So, I went to David's Bridal a few weeks ago and brought home a BE-A-UTIFUL dress that I really liked an awful lot. I got the whole kit-n-kaboodle - dress, headpiece, veil, shoes, slip (might as well be a hairshirt its so damned itchy) and bra of torture.
There it hung - on my bedroom closet door - for a few weeks.
Last week, I took my darling niece Kassidy back to David's Bridal to try on flower girl dresses.
I walked into the bridal area and there it was. The dress of my dreams - and not the one hanging at home!!
I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! It was the dress I was looking for all along!
I didn't say a word - fearing the wrath of my mother. I could hear it already: "you can NEVER make up your mind!" or "Unbelievable, Margaret!" (my personal favorite)
So, I kept quiet...then...I couldn't anymore. I told my mom about the dress and took her to see it. She agreed with me. There has never been a dress that was more me.
I tried it on - fit like a glove (a size smaller, too! BONUS!!). The exchange was made and now...the dress of my DREAMS hangs on my closet door. I couldn't be happier.

Of course....I'm not allowed to set foot in a David's Bridal until AFTER the wedding.

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Kelly said...

You are indeed the queen of indecisiveness, but that's why we love