Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How badly do I NEED these t-shirts??

Buy them for me here
Or this one? I soooo NEED this one!! Feeds into my hot science geek chick thing I'm going for. "Why yes, I am a biochemist." ROFL Is it working? Do I look like a hot science geek chick?

If you don't get it clicky. (WARNING: Don't click if the words quantum mechanics scare you)

BTW - I KNOW I have to change my age in my profile. Thank you to everyone who reminded me that I'm now older!! But not as old as some....you know who you are. ;-)

PS - Rob is a pimp. :-*


cdh said...

how can people buy you presents when you don't tell them where to go (check teh link).....though i suppose you want them to end up here:


OMFG i m so l337

Maggie said...

0K - !1/\/K 1$ Ph1xx3|). 7(-)4/\/K$


For those not as cool as me & cdh:
Translation: Ok - Link is fixed. Thanks.

damn i'm such a geek.

Rob said...

Wow went to far with the geekness right there.

Step away from the keyboard.

cdh said...

maggie, i bow to ur l33t-sp34k

u R teh r0XX0rz
i M teh suXXorz