Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Is that a decubitus ulcer I see forming?

I'm such a slug. For the past two days I've done nothing all day but sit on my couch and watch the Game Show Network. There is just something so funny about watching people get excited about winning a 1980-something Pontiac Sunbird that looks exactly like the one the Mexicans next store drive. Minus the red, white & green pinstriping.

So today, I've done a whole lot of nothing except download plenty o'musical gayness.
Here's whats been added to my digital musical library (try not to laugh too hard):

Matchbox Romance - my eyes burn
Daddy Yankee - Gasolina
Death Cab For Cutie - Title and Registration
Alkaline Trio - Time To Waste
The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic
The Oranges Band - Success
Hilary Duff - Wake up
Wham - Careless Whisper
Dire Straits - Money for nothing
The Jets - Crush On You
Olivia Newton John - Lets Get Physical.
Cameo - Word Up.
Jets-You've Got It All Over Him.
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Billy Idol - More.
Samantha Fox - Naughty Girls Need Love Too .
The Jets - Make It Real.
Escape Club - Wild Wild West
Edie Brickell - What I Am
the bangles - in your room.
prince - batman - soundtrack - batdance
Morris Day & The Time - Jerk Out
The Bangles - Manic monday
INXS - Suicide Blonde
New Kids on the Block & Tommy Page - I'll be Your Everything
Johnny Gill - Rub You The Right Way.
Juliana Hatfield-Spin The Bottle
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Kiss Them For Me
David Foster and Peter Cetera - Voices That Care.
Irish Rovers - Wasn't That A Party
Color Me Badd - All For Love
Gerardo - Rico Suave.
Divinyls - I Touch Myself
Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex U Up.
Kid Rock - Cowboy.
Nine Days - Absolutely (Story Of A Girl
702 - Where My Girls At
Clay Aiken - Invisible
Garbage - #1 Crush
Clay Aiken - Invisible
Aqua - Barbie Girl.
Reggae - Mad Cobra - Flex (time to have sex)(2).
Nelson - Love And Affection
Tiffany - Could've been.
Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel
Losin' Myself - Debbie Gibson.
Debbie Gibson - No More Rhyme
Out of the Blue
Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love
Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes.
Debbie Gibson-Staying Together.
Debbie Gibson -04- Anything is possible.
Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat.
Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth.
Debbie Gibson - Only In My Dreams

Quite a mix, huh?

Thanks to Rob for pointing out the fact that a lot of them have to do with sex or love or something like that. I have been peeling my beer bottle labels lately, haven't I?

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cdh said...

clay aiken was good enough to d/l twice?