Monday, August 08, 2005

Its almost my birthday!!!

Hey all! What a weekend! And not necessarily in a good way.
Started out Friday night - I drove out to Long Island to have coffee with Jay. We ended up going to shoot pool and then I drove home exhausted. :-p

Saturday, I pretty much hung around the house - did some laundry & what not. Then I went shoe shopping and ended up with three really pretty pairs of shoes. :) Then I head into the city to see Steve. Thats when all hell broke loose!

I met him at Darryl's studio on 26th. We went to Monster Sushi for dinner. It was quite yummy. Then it was off to the movies to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. After the movie, we walked back to Darryl's to get my car. Um...where's my car? Not there. I freaked! Who the hell would steal my car?!?!? WHAT THE F&*%?!?!?!? So at this point, I'm hysterical - pacing up and down 26th street and crying. I called 911 and they told me I had to call 311. 311 told me they couldn't help me because I don't have a plate number because I still have temporary tags. So I called 911 and asked them to please send an officer over. They did and the cops arrived almost a half hour later.

Turns out, I parked in a 'Night Restriction' Zone. What the...?!?!? Never heard of it. Didn't even see the sign. car was towed to the impound lot on the west side. So Steve and I took a cab and were finally able to get my car out. $185 of Steve's money later. Thank you again - you are the best. I mean it.

So we finally made it back to Brooklyn and fell fast asleep after our stressful night.

We slept late Sunday morning and got up and I took Steve to breakfast. It was the least I could do. I drove him to his studio and headed home.

When I got home, I was still so tired and I ended up sleeping most of the day.

Then I went to see Must Love Dogs with the Quinn-meister and invited him to my impromptu birthday festivities on Thursday at Johnny Walsh's. We'll see if he shows. ;-P

Well..thats all for now. I'm tired. Just had an algebra test and I have a chem take home to do now.

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