Friday, August 26, 2005

I am officially on VACAY!!

WOOHOOO!! No WORK no SCHOOL for a week & a half!! YAY!
Took my chem final last night-yuck. How can I forget how to do a condensation reaction between amino acids when I've done it a MILLION times before. GOSH! IDIOT!!!
After school I dined on some delicious shrimps (yes...shrimps) at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate the end of the semester.
Then it was home to C-R-A-S-H.
I worked today and now I'm on VACAY! Let the PARTY begin!!
Not going to Bar Harbor :( Damned tuition - I hate you.
So, instead I'm filling my week with cleaning, shopping & happy hour with Elena. :)
Tonite is Rhode's with Kelly, Ryan, Marc, Jen & her two pals Gina & Phan. We're checking out a reggae band. Should be a good time and in true Rhode's tradition - like a mini-high school reunion.
Wearing my good butt jeans incase Jimmy's there. ;-) ...not

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