Friday, November 03, 2006

Bed Rest Day 36 - In through the nose...Out through the mouth

Corey & I had our first Lamaze class on Wednesday.
All the couples seem to be about our age - 3 of them due the same day as me.
What completely amazes me is how quiet everyone is.
For example - we had to go upstairs in the hospital to watch a video on the stages of labor (more on that later). So, Corey, myself and 3 other couples get in the elevator - no one says a word. I looked around to possibly make eye contact with someone and these chicks are all standing around looking at their feet (if they could see them over the bellies). The dads - or 'support partners' - are standing there looking at the mom. It was bizarre.
So, then we get into this room where we're to watch the movie and everyone gets a seat. Now, this is a small room & Corey and I are sitting right across from 2 other couples. They're maybe 7 feet from us. We have to wait a few minutes for the video to get going and again I attempt the eye contact. Nope. The women sat there looking down at their hands or playing in their purses or something, ANYTHING to avoid any semblance of personal contact with anyone in the room other than their 'support partner.' WTF people? How do you make friends?
I don't know - maybe its because I'm cooped up in the house all day that I'm CRAVING interaction with other people. Maybe next week will be better. There was ONE couple that showed a glimmer of possibility. Think we'll sit near them next week.
Don't MAKE me make brownies, people!

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Bethany said...

Maybe that's what they are waiting for - someone to break the ice? Maybe they're shy Mags! LOL. :) Make brownies. Haha. Good luck with the class!!!!!