Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is this what i have to look forward to?

Bad Delta! Bad!
Granted, it was a 22-month old which, in my opinion, is a BIT old for breast-feeding. If they can ask for it - it's time to stop. That aside, she still has a right to feed her child.

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The Hopeless Flirt said...

“A breast-feeding mother is perfectly acceptable on an aircraft, providing she is feeding the child in a discreet way,” that doesn’t bother others, said Paul Skellon

So some Bill O'Reilly wacko type was "offended" so she needed to cover up her child with a blanket (because we all know how much fresh air is abudant on an airplane) to comply.

This is would be the dumbest one of the year, if it wasn't for the Victoria Secrets incident earlier this year (and you would THINK they would have a clue about breasts, wouldn't you?)