Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bed Rest Day 42 - and it burns, burns, burns...

Cervix = ring of fire? WTF? I've seen this reference several times in my pregnancy books, on websites and now on my three-legged-puppy-dog shows (what Corey calls the birthing shows I watch that make me cry). It seems that when the baby starts to crown & push through your cervix, it burns. Bad. Like someone stuck a hot poker up your hoo-ha. Great. My poor cervix - first it was horizontally challenged and now the baby is going to light it up. We had our second Lamaze class last night. No graphic videos this time. I actually learned a lot - actually, mostly it was stuff I already knew but didn't know I did. Know what i mean? Basically, she discussed relaxation techniques. Positions I could get into during labor that would help ease the pain & discomfort. My favorites were the 'slow-dancing' (basically hugging Corey with my arms around his neck as we sway back and forth) and the birthing ball (basically squatting on a yoga ball). She also taught us stuff Corey could do to help me. Things like pressing on my knees or my back and even lifting my belly (sounds weird, but feels awesome). Even though I think I've found a few things that may work for me - breathing patterns & positions - but I can't tell yet. When I'm in labor those things may annoy the ever loving shit out of me. Guess I'll have to wait to find out.

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