Thursday, December 06, 2007

Busy, busy, busy.

So much to do and so little time to do it in.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was so nice to get to spend a week with Corey and Sydney and not have to worry about work, the house, etc. It was some much needed down time for the three of us. Corey & I even got a date night out of it. We went to the Wheeling Island dog track for dinner & to bet on the greyhounds. It was a blast!

Now, the holiday preperations begin. This weekend is Sydney's first birthday party. I feel like I have so much to do! Clean the house, cook, decorate...phew. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

We did have a mini-party for her WV family Thanksgiving weekend. I wish everyone could be here this weekend, but the distance is too great for everyone to travel.

I'm sitting here at work, it's slow, not much to do, but my head is spinning with all that I HAVE to do at home. So, I'm making lists: To-do lists, to-make lists, to-buy lists (Corey's least favorite), to-decorate lists.

Time to get back to my lists. I'll be sure and post birthday pictures asap. :)

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