Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sleepy Maggie Sue

Very sleepy day.
Got outta school early last nite cuz I had my microbio midterm. Not so bad. Was quite happy the essay was on horizontal transfer (since I knew that one) and not the lytic/lysogenic cycles of viral replication (since I don't really know that one). But anyways....
Got home some time after 7 and enjoyed a relaxing evening.
Read The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis in 2 hours. Read it in elementary school and I wanted to re-read it before the movie comes out next month (can't wait). I was able to read it in two hours cuz 1. its a short book and 2. I didn't bother trying to figure out the symbolism like I usually do. There is a book that uncovers the allegories from the book and I may have to buy it and read it. With all this science in my head I'm just too lazy to try and figure out what Aslan represents.
So after that I started jazzing up my profile. Added some pics, changed some fonts, yadda, yadda, yadda. Before I knew it, it was after 12:30 am. Of course, stubborn as I am, I kept at it until after 1 when I finally decided to hit the sack. Only to find that my neighbor has added a TV to his bedroom and apparently likes to watch HBO with the volume WAY up. So I slept on the couch.
So now: I'm tired. I'm cranky. My back hurts. I don't want to be at work, but I don't want to be at my apartment.
Is it friday yet?

BTW....for those of you who haven't discovered it already: I linked up Corey's blog on the right.


Bethany said...

1) Are you living on your own or still with mom?
2) Is Corey your man? I am so lost - last time I heard you were with this other dude? We need to catch up.

Maggie said...

I guess so! I posted a comment on your blog.

Bethany said...

I responded on my site! :)