Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What is happening to rock in NY?

First the CBGB threat and now THIS ? WTF?
Seems like just a short time ago, I had commented on the fact that K-Rock had recently changed their format to include more classic rock. Awesome. Now I can hear Pink Floyd and Zeppelin in the same hour as Incubus and Green Day. Finally, a station that understands how my szichophrenic mind works (now, if they'd throw in some Britney, I'd be all good LOL). So, for the past few months, I've been rocking out the the nice new format - loving every second of it - only to find out that they're changing to ALL TALK in January!?!?!?! WTF!?!?!?!?
Howard's leaving, fine (good riddance). David Lee Roth is taking his place, great. Not that I ever listened to them in the morning anyways (I'm an AM girl in AM). But all talk? C'mon guys! Now, with the exception of the mediocre Q104.3, which plays only classic rock, NY has no rock station, whatsoever. I mean, sure I can deal with the classic rock, but NO mainstream rock? Again....WTF? How is it possible in an area as culturally diverse as ours that most of our radio stations only play rap/hip hop or pop? NO mainstream/modern rock and NO country. I can hear Celia Cruz or 50Cent anytime I want - but not Incubus or Alan Jackson.
As much as the thought of PAYING for radio kills me inside, I think I might have to switch to
Sirius based on their abundance of rock channels alone.


Ordinary Joe said...

Never fear, the radio dial, if nothing else is forever changing.

Remember when 102.7 was the "Classic Rock" station and "upstart" Q104.3 was the mainstream? Then, 102.7 went mainstream and the "Q" went mainstream.

Look for someone to pick up the mantle of the mainstream rock. If nothing else, you can be sure someone will want to exploit this "wide open market" seeing the revenue it can draw.

K-Rock got TOO linked to Stern over the years, and I think that hurt them, as people left because of Stern and never bothered to come back later.

Some Stern free station will appear again... and soon. And I wouldn't be surprised if it happed BEFORE K-Rock switches over to "Free FM".

Maggie said...

I have to agree with the Stern comment - it got to be a little much. I was a devoted Stern fan in the early to mid nineties. His shock value diminished greatly and he crossed the line to just being a straight pervert. I'm holding out for a GOOD mainstream rock station to hit NY - though I'm still tempted with Sirius.